Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vibrant and dynamic expressions from Vaishali and Pushkala

Vaishali sensei seemed to prefer white vases this year, exploring abstract and naturalistic styles with both fresh and artificial material.

Pushkala also worked witha  variety of materials and styles, a lot of her materials being from her environment.

By Vaishali - An abstract composition with umbrella plant lines and anthurium for colour, showing space and water

By Pushkala - I tried combining a horizontal dry line with vertical fresh lines, in a glass vase.
By Pushkala - "An expression of Nature’s creativity with human  mind as a tool"

By Vaishali - The coloured wires added a cheerful note to my arrangement.

By Vaishali - I found a chikoo branch lying, and I combined it with chrysanthemums in this fibreglass vase.
By Pushkala - for a creative mind, noting is perceived as "waste"!

By Vaishali - The iron vase is my creation, and I have made it more dramatic with the use of bold lines, and bright colours

By Pushkala - My efforts at representing an ecosystem on a table.
By Pushkala - tender palm leaves with auspicious carnations to brighten up any space

By Pushkala - a simple and elegant composition suitable for a tabletop.

By Vaishali - I found these braided palms unused, and used it in my split black vase, contrasted with the lilies for colour.

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Anonymous said...

Every arrangement is done with utmost passion and care, so also the photography and the accompanying literature, I cannot help but continue to keep on gathering all of you for such events. Really 'Friendship Through Flowers'! Thank you for this wonderful experience. Malathi.