Saturday, March 16, 2013

Contrasting creative expressions

While Dalley is inspired by her beautiful garden, Ambika takes inspiration from her urban environment. Two contrasting creative styles, unified by flowers!

By Dalley - "Ah! Spring!".  A combination of pine and chrysanthemums in a pair of galvanised steel containers, reminds me of spring.

By Ambika - "Window dressing".  The white of the thermocol is brought to life by colourful dried material, and the rich colours of jerberas and anthuriums.  Reminded me of shop windows of a fashion store.
By Dalley - "Manoharam".  Nature gives us so much beauty in flowers, fruits and leaves.  The Punnai leaves and the jackfruit remind me of Kerala.  The container is a Vietnamese ginger jar.

By Dalley - "Remembering Fukushima".  This Asian Nagiere vase inspired me to recreate a Japanese scene, fresh from my visit this summer.

By Ambika - "New York, New York!"  The black sponge packing material reminded me of the granite buildings and stone plazas of New York, a city that is a symbol of the ingenuity and creative forces that lie within us as much as it is of wealth and consumption  

By Ambika - "Marriage" - A beautiful thing, that allows me to explore and grow and discover myself.

By Ambika - "Ode to the Western Ghats" - Inspired by my visit to the Western Ghats in Goa.

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Anonymous said...

Dally's container choice compliments the colour and style of her arranging. Ambika do keep it up usingthrowaways as containers, you have your signature made.They are wonderful, expand your themes next time. Malathi.