Sunday, January 27, 2019

2019 starts off with full energy

 Jan 22nd 2019

The Study Group met for its first workshop of 2019, and it was good to have sensei Padma demonstrate for the group.  Thirteen members were present.

The theme was One kind of material.  Either flowers or leaves or dry branches.

The first one was an all-flower arrangement.  Sensei Padma used an iron container that she designed herself.  Within it, she placed a small black ceramic container and not a coloured one, to keep the focus on the arrangement.The lines of the iron container signified pollution and all other negative influences in our lives.The white flowers she used to tell the viewer we want peace and a peaceful existence.

A composition for peace with an aesthetic combination of white chrysanthemums and Gypsophilia.

 The second arrangement was titled "Medley" and was an all-leaf arrangement.  With different colours, textures, the leaves seemed to symbolise an ideal world of humans - each different from one another, but harmonising beautifully.
A beautiful, harmonious blend of leaves, and a lovely display of the inner surface of blue and the water.
Padma sensei with her arrangement

She ended her demonstration with this small all-flower composition
After enjoying the artistic demonstration by Padma sensei, the members got down to their own compositions.

Chitra Rajan created an all leaf composition - dried areca palms, cotton leaf, unknown shrub with flame colour leaves in a rush colour container

Sensei Divya was also all-leaf.

Kalpana's all-leaf played beautiful with texture and lines.  

Bhuvana experimented with the fish-path style, with a good display of water between the two kenzans.

Sensei Trishala's all-lead arrangement had a lush, tropical feel to it.

Meenu sensei was one of the few to try an all-flower composition.

Chitra Thiagarajan was the only one who decided to create an abstract composition, using
umbrella plant only.  So her composition was also just a single material.

Pushkala also created an all-leaf composition, with a dramatic linear structure.

Prerana sensei created her arrangement with only Mitsumata branches.  She explained that she used a white ceramic vase with a hint of leaves sketched on its surface.  Used white Mitsumata sticks and randomly place 2 red and 3 black sticks in the vase to bring some dramatic colour. The idea of the arrangement is from confusion to clarity. Which the upward line depicts.

Malathi sensei created an interesting arrangement, using
Cyperus alternifolia, twisted acalypha, lavender, and repeating the
form of the vase above.

Sensei Molly used curved branches of ficus, with very few leaves, to show the soft lines, in an Auroville ceramic container

Workshop at Saarang

Jan 10th 2019

Sogetsu Study Group conducted an introductory session for Sogetsu Ikebana. Two batches of students who were at the inter college fest Saarang.

More Pictures can be viewed here.