Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sad demise of Remani

Remani Nambiar came to Chennai and gave us an enjoyable demonstration of her skills at Sogetsu Ikebana. 
Remani was a good friend. I cherish the time spent with her in Hyderabad, Chennai and Tokyo. She was bubbling with energy always and a great host. Her contribution to various art forms including Ikebana was admirable.
May this good soul rest in peace.

“ Remani Nambiar, who ran a successful art gallery in the city, passed awayon Monday morning after a long battle with a lung ailment, according to family sources.
    Remani started the gallery in 2002 after her art tutor suggested that she convert one of her rooms into a gallery. She converted her garage in her house on Road No 35, Jubilee Hills into a gallery. “She called me and said she wanted my advice for starting a gallery. She was very down to earth and she really promoted Hyderabadi artists. She never ran the gallery as a
business. She took Hyderabadi artists outside the state without bothering to think about recovering her expenses. Hers was the most successful gallery,” said artist Fawad Tamakanat, who was associated with Remani right from the time of the gallery’s inception.
    It was well-known artist SK Sirajuddin, who started teaching painting to Remani at her house about 14 years back and suggested that she start a gallery. “She changed the art atmosphere. I taught her painting and I learnt a lot from her as a person. She changed the art atmosphere in Hyderabad with her dedication,” says Sirajuddin.
    “I showed my works at 
her gallery for the inaugural show. She really backed local artists to the hilt. Students, newcomers, struggling artists, she would support all of them and use the platform of her gallery to promote their talent. I cannot believe this has happened, though I know she was ailing for some time,” said artist Laxman Aelay reminiscing about Remani.
    Armed with a green thumb, Remani was an Ikebana practioner who rustled up the most amazing arrangements, but never saw them as transient. Though she is gone, people will always remember the way she touched them with her life.”

Remani Nambiar