Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Colourful start to the year - July workshop

After our summer break, the Chennai Sogetsu Study Group met again on July 11th, at Amethyst, adjacent to the flower shop. It was very convenient to have the flower shop handy, and the ambience was also enjoyable.

We missed Shobhaa and Venkatesh, this month, and hopefully they will be back next time. The theme for this workshop was colour and the members brought it out in different ways.

By Prerana

Prerana contrasted the white of her combination vases, with the colour of the agapanthus and chrysanthemums.

By Padma sensei
For Padma sensei, the red of the vase was highlighted, in a Christmassy colour combination!

By Trishala
Trishala emphasisized the green of her vase, with more use of green material.

By Chitra
The glamourous red of the anthuriums were highlighted by Chitra.

By Seethalakshmi
For Seetha, it was blue and yellow, both the shape of the container and the colours working to produce a pleasing effect.

By Nirmala
The orange of the palm berries matched the orange of the dramatic strelitzias in Nirmala's arrangement, and the long lines provided a dramatic setting.

By Kalpana
The gladioli reflected the clour of the vase, while the chrysanthemums provided a sharp contrast in Kalpana's arrangement.
By Meenu sensei
Meenu used one of the vases of the Amethyst shop, and created this graceful arrangement with pineapples and lilies, which she left behind for the shop to display!

By our guest from the Japanese consulate, Ms Kayoko
We were delighted to have Ms Kayoko come and participate in our workshop, and she used the colourful heliconias to good effect.

By Molly sensei
Molly's green and orange creation was dramatic and well balanced.
By Pushkala
The blue of the container was highlighed by the water and space in Pushkala's linear arrangement.

By Ambika
Ambika attempted to highlight the brown of the vase with the orchids and rust chrysanthemums, and the white streaks on the vase with the large oriental lily.

By Vaishali sensei

Vaishali worked her magic with the lovely lily lines and umbrella plant, highlighting the white of her vase with the trellis-work of lines.

By Dally
Dally's arrangement was a study in pink!

By Ashoka
Ashoka highlighted the colour and shape of his vase

Friday, July 1, 2011

July Workshop details

Theme: 'Colour' . You may express 'colour' either in the container or with materials
Date: July 11th Monday
Venue: At the verandah adjacent to Amythest Flower shop, Whites Road Chennai
Time: 11am.

Please do bring along friends/students whom may be interested. Amethyst vases will be available as well.

Looking forward to getting together again after our summer break!

Pushpa Veni - the programme of the Bangalore chapter of Sogetsu Ikebana

I had the opportunity to attend the June programme of the Bangalore Sogetsu chapter, during my recent stay in the city.

Menaka Venugopal was the artsite at work, who gave an interesting and colourful demonstration of what she called "pushpa veni".

She invited ladies to enjoy colours while dressing and innovated on the traditional form of flower threading and garland-making.

Some common flowers she displayed were nandivittal, jasmine and also Dutch Roses and orchids.

In the picture, you can see Dutch Roses, the petals are removed, the white ends take the outer position, so they get a little white showing on the petals. By using a little imagination you could bring out the needed colours to match your attire.
Here, she has taken the Jasmine buds inwards, and displayed the stalks as well. It did get a new look as a result!
These floral venis could be used for the traditional ornamentation of the plaited hair-do or gathered up into a bun. the pieces were about 9 inches long.In a ziplock bag it could stay fresh for 9 days when stored in the refrigerator
Orchid heads used
The red of the thread adds a contrast.

She invited ladies to sing a song which featured 'pushpa' and several ladies joined one after another in singing Kannada songs featuring 'pushpa' and on that musical note the programme ended.

This year, it will be 25 years since the inception of the Bangalore Sogetsu Chapter. They are organising a big event in the month of December. I have suggested an interaction between Chennai and Bangalore in the month of September in a programme of 'workshop', as later months Navarathri and Deepavalli follow, then perhaps our annual exhibition after which we prepare for the visit to Tokyo.