Friday, March 27, 2015

Inauguration, Ikebana style!

Preparing the brooms

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board in Mumbai were planning for a programme on "Swach Bharat Abhiyaan". The PM of India Mr Narendra Modi has urged Indians to be part of a clean India movement, and this was one such initiative.

Instead of the usual ribbon-cutting opening ceremony, our Chennai Sogetsu Study Group member, Venkatesh, thought of a novel idea.

Using the broom as a symbol of cleanliness, and with a theme of white, he created a composition with white roses, Baby's Breath  and used green crotons to complement the green ceramic vases.

The upright broom in the nagiere vase was tied together with a satin ribbon, which was to be cut for a symbolic opening of the event.

The completed arrangement
The Chief Guest was requested to cut the ribbon, and this led to the graceful opening of the broom, with a few bending gracefully and the others remaining upright.

Unfortunately there is no picture of the arrangement after the inauguration.

Indeed a novel and appropriate way for a Swachh Bharat programme!

Ikebana at Hotel Hablis

14th Feb 2015
Sensei Meenakshi Sarin and Kalpana Kintali  were invited by hotel Hablis to display some large Ikebana for the inauguration of their Wellness Spa and pan Asian restaurant on Valentines Day.

Six arrangements in total were done, and the hotel staff appreciated their efforts. It was enriching experience working on this assignment,  as we worked with huge vases, which were brought from  Iran.

Ms Nirupa of the hotel, with Sensei Mennu and Kalpana
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