Sunday, December 30, 2012

At the Japanese Emperor's birthday reception

Sensei Malathi's arrangement for the reception on 7th December 2012

With Mrs Nakano at the reception

Chitra's album of arrangements


Click on the link.  If Any of you have similar online albums, please let me know and I will shar the link.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The South East Asian Regional conference of Ikebana International

II's south-east Asian regional conference was held in Delhi in November, and our member Sensei Meenu represented the Chennai Sogetsu Study Group!! Here is her report.  

Day one was registration and later a demonstrations by the Mumbai II chapter.  The Ohara school was colorful and different and espoused an innovative aspect of their school.  There was also a demonstration of Sogetsu style by senior sensei. Mala Agarwal of Mumbai.  She had a theme running through all 6 separate pieces and it was named colors of India.

That evening had a Oddissi performance by Arushi Mudgal, alumni of the Gandharav Music School.  There was a short speech by Lily Zang President Ikebana international followed by a welcome dinner at the venue.

The venue had an ikebana bazaar where everything needed for the demonstration was sold.

My arrangement was heliconias and baby's breath done on 3 steel banana shaped plates with real bananas to balance the plates had to be completed by noon. The venue was vacated at about 2 pm for security reasons as the Chief Minister was expected by 5 pm.  She viewed my arrangement and asked the theme and said with a smile only thing missing are the idli and dosais!

Most of the arrangements were rather large and used up a lot of material. Proteas, calla lily and dried mushrooms were in prominence amongst others.  Lilly Zhang's No kenzan arrangement with bamboo, cane and anthuriums was a delight for all the participants and guests.

On the 3rd day, there was a complimentary city tour and the exhibition was opened to the public.

There was a demonstration by Veena das Director Sogetsu school Delhi, which was the story of a girl called Tara along with a Kathak performance by a disciple of Shovana Narayanan. The combination of the story and dance and flowers amalgamated within a specific theme was wonderful. There was a home hospitality dinner after the visit to Kamani auditorium the venue of the exhibition.

On the 4th day a demonstration by Iemoto Rishi Ootsuka of the Koryu katabomi kai Satya Sai auditorium,  Lodi Road. This was an exposition of a innovative different totally new concept and style of Ikebana.

The final day had the Masters Workshop and 2 Ohara demonstrations by Ms. Indira Mishra of Gurgaon and Ms. Meenakshi Devi of Hyderabad.

The closing of the conference was followed by Sayonara dinner where our Study Group's gift of incense stand was handed over to each guest.

Most rewarding experience which though fleeting in terms of time would remain in my memory for a long long time.  Friendships through the medium of flowers established so many contacts!  And such visual delights each nuance different based on cultural traditions of the participating regions and countries.

December workshop, as we say farewell to 2012

Dec 14th 2012 Our last workshop of the year was a colourful, well-attended freestyle session. Sensei Meenu spoke about her visit to the Regional II convention, and that will be covered in a separate post. This was followed by a free expression workshop, and here are some of the arrangements.
Divya used zinnias in a fishpath style

Pushkala experimented with jerberas and a dry mas of swirling lines

Pushkaka again.  Glass vase with a horizontal line and gladioli used tall

Meenu used bulrushes tall, combining them with jerberas and dry material

Trishala worked at combination vases with wide graceful bamboo lines

Ashoka combined eranthemum and roses

Massed jerberas - artist unknown!