Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December workshop, as we say farewell to 2012

Dec 14th 2012 Our last workshop of the year was a colourful, well-attended freestyle session. Sensei Meenu spoke about her visit to the Regional II convention, and that will be covered in a separate post. This was followed by a free expression workshop, and here are some of the arrangements.
Divya used zinnias in a fishpath style

Pushkala experimented with jerberas and a dry mas of swirling lines

Pushkaka again.  Glass vase with a horizontal line and gladioli used tall

Meenu used bulrushes tall, combining them with jerberas and dry material

Trishala worked at combination vases with wide graceful bamboo lines

Ashoka combined eranthemum and roses

Massed jerberas - artist unknown!

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Anonymous said...

Great Ambika, thank god you are at the blogs! Malathi