Monday, November 9, 2009

The way of the wasp

To be able to "wonder" is a fascinating experience. To me the wasp's home, which is about 2 years old, is one such item. It is on the inner ledge of the drawing room's eastern window, very close to the seat which I usually use. Many a time, when the wasp was busy with its home, my husband would remark that I ought not to sit there, that I will be stung by the wasp and to move away. But I would sit still, more to show him that creatures in nature generally are harmless. The wasp built it day upon day and to me it was a truly wonderful event to see the progress. We do have squirrels entering the house for the same purpose, but they do damage our belongings in search of soft and fibrous material to complete their home, but they too can pick the most unusual places! So we generally close the window at mid-day while we are resting. When I woke up for tea and went to my usual seat, I saw the wasp hovering by the closed window, as I have obstructed her life's mission/ I wait for a while, she buzzes to the northern window; I am foxed and wonder even more as to how she directs herself to the centre of her "site".

Within a week her home stood 6 inches tall, broad at the base and she created 10 perfectly circular windows, spaces so aesthetically. I looked at her meticulous design, location and such perfect architecture! Till today no cracks, no crumbling. With what did she glue up the sand, brought in by thousands of trips, so single-handed? I have been watching this "home" every morning. It makes my day full of inspiration and motivation. I am afraid none of you have seen it, I have kept it as a personal secret, tucked away behind the window drapes.

Now, the time has come for me to share it with all of you, as I will be away at Bangalore, and I am afraid, the painters working at our home may not heed my request to leave it alone, for you know, the hands keep on changing. With these pictures, I hope I have passed on my "wonder" to all of you, as I have been truly humbled by the wasp's dexterity, perseverance and perfection.