Friday, October 24, 2008

The no-kenzan workshop

Sorry for this late post, but then better late than never isn't it?!  Here are the pictures from the no-kenzan workshop we had at Trishala's place, a couple of weeks ago.

The pictures were taken from a phone-cam, so they do not do any justice to all the lovely arrangements, But anyway something is better than nothing!

The early birds were all done and ready when we late-comers arrived, and so we did not witness their "struggle" to balance the material and achieve beauty without the convenience of a kenzan!  So, Trishala, Prerana, Seetha and Chitra sat smugly while the rest of us toiled at achieving this balance, combining the laws of gravity with aesthetics!


Trishala's arrangement went vertical, while Prerana took the horizontal route, both achieving grace in their lines, with the flowers adding a lovely focus.


Seetha and Chitra decided to keep it low, and created these nice table arrangements.



Molly took the branch lines tall, and had initially placed some orchids, but then decided on these carnations to complement the lovely lines


Sorry Venkatesh, but the AC at the back could not be avoided in the picture!  His purple daisies(?) were eyed by one and all, as he artistically combined the two triangle Sogetsu vases.
VenkateshMeenu created this design marvel, where her branches balanced without a tripod-like effect!  The tall carnations really give the composition elegance is it not?
MeenuI used the standard tripod technique, with the long, slender and feminine copsia complementing the more masculine dressina?!
AmbikaAnd Vaishali did manage it in the end, after struggling to make these strelitzia stand, using the other thick branch did the trick, producing this dramatic and vibrant composition!
VaishaliOf course, Ashok was late.  And he charmed the ladies and earned his ragda patties by producing this creation-in-a-jiffy arrangement, with ficus fruits on a branch!

AshokAfter some great chaat and some yummy pineapple dessert we all said our goodbyes, promising to meet next month at Meenu's!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cosmos in a Vase

Here is an arrangement that I would create after I become an Ikebana Master.

For now, it has been done by Iemoto Akane Teshigahara which she descries as

"This is a colorful arrangement that emphasizes the soaring appearance of cosmos, a flower representative of autumn."

Container: Glass vase

Beautiful, isnt it ??

Iemoto's arrangement

Here is an arrangement by Iemoto Akane. Perhaps the simplicity is the most complex thing about Ikebana ??

She describes this particular arrangement as "It sticks to lucid colors that emphasize the shape and originality of the gourd-shaped bamboo vase that was placed horizontally."

Container: Bamboo vase

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Iemoto's arrangement

I am fascinated with arrangements with lotus flowers or leaves. Here is a lovely arrangement by Iemoto Akane.

It is described as "A powerful lotus arrangement in a small jade vase, the pomegranate fruits give movement to the overall."

The Container is a Jade vase.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Click on the pictures and enjoy a full-screen view.  Taken on my mobile phone.  The Flower is amazing, and it is no wonder that it holds a special place in Indian culture!