Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New beginnings!

Jan 22nd. First meeting of the year at ABK AOTS Dosokai

The Sogetsu Study Group Chennai reconvened after the year end holidays, in good numbers and in even better spirits! Our activities started off with a bang as our Chairperson sensei Malathi demonstrated some important aspects of artistic space and using the same container in several ways. It was a wonderful learning, and we all benefitted from this articulate and expressive session from her.

Thirteen members were present.

She began with a Nagiere ceramic vase and her first composition contrasted thick and thin lines of the Dressina in her garden, with the yellow chrysanthemums providing a balance.

Naturalistic expression

With the same vase, and the same Dressina, Malathi sensei created a completely different mood and experience, complementing the bold upside down lines, with a dramatic and bold Heliconia.
Abstract expression

With the same vase once again a different expression was created, by the use of a tall and wide ixora branch from her garden and the Dressina line came down the surface of the vase.  The bold wide, exuberant sweep of the ixora was balanced with the strong colour and mass of the Heliconia.
Expression 3
Malathi sensei then moved to a moribana container, and once again demonstrated how the use of line and change of colours can create different moods.

Yellow chrysanthemums and bamboo give a "Japanese" feel to the arrangement

A more tropical feel with the monstera and anthurium.
We then had a freestyle workshop, with members experimenting with materials, vases and creative expressions.

Sensei Trishala worked with a pair of miniature vases with the fox tails being of interest to her.

Prerana sensei emphasised the wide sweep of the monstera in a spreading moribana

Chitra Rajan  practised the open style Variation

Pushkala used the Sogetsu kidney vase with palm materials from her campus, for an interesting composition

Janaki also used a Sogetsu vase with the jerbera lines adding elegance and grace.  (apologies for the makeshift background!)

With two attractive masses of bougainvillea, Divya created an eye-catching arrangement that complemented the vase, and had a lovely play on line and mass.
We ended with an election of office bearers for the next term.   Chitra Thiagarajan (Program coordinator) and Prerana (Treasurer) stepped down after a wonderful and efficient term, and handed over to Divya Selvam and Janaki Rao respectively.

We thank the outgoing office bearers and welcome the new executives, wishing them an enjoyable and fruitful stint!

Meeting after the rains

18th December 2015

As we in Chennai heaved a sigh to see the floodwaters recede and life return to some normality, the Study Group decided to meet, just to heal and exchange notes. Several members had a lot of difficulty through the rains. Our sensei Molly had a harrowing time, with water entering and swamping her whole home.

Eight members managed to gather on the 18th, at ABK AOTS Dosokai, and sensei Dalley, did two lovely arrangements in a freestyle demonstration. She had returned from the hills recently, and had some lovely peach blossom lines which she used in her first arrangement.

Sensei Dalley emphasised line and artistic space in this exuberant arrangement, with a waste basket as a container, and peach blossom as line.
In her second composition she used a terracotta vase, and emphasised the brown shades of the vase with the bark of a tree, once again from the hills.  the flowers provided a colour focus.
Student Chitra Rajan practised during the workshop time that followed, and everyone else used the time for fellowship, an important part of the Ikebana experience! 2015 was wound down, with greetings for the season and a hope for a wonderful 2016.