Monday, August 28, 2017

Working with hues and tints - August workshop

19th August 2017

The Chennai Study Group took on an interesting, challenging theme for the August workshop.   The theme was working with a single colour, and its hues and tints.

The vase and composition were in effect to be monochromatic, with tints of shades in the same colour spectrum.

Sensei Molly, despite running a flu, demonstrated this theme, with three different colours and textures for her vases.

Thirteen members were present and we also had a Japanese guest in Ms Megumi Shimada and her husband.  Megumi san is a research scholar attached to the Japanese Consulate and has come to the city recently.

For this beautiful rust coloured vase, sensei Molly tried using red initially, but then created this beautiful composition that reminded one of autumn, with the various tints of rust and brown. 

The same arrangement from a slightly different angle

She then moved to a delicate tall glass vase, with a light shade of pink.  For this composition, she focussed on the pink in her vase, and worked with a tint of white as well.
The focus colour is pink, with the white of the centre of the Asia Lily being carried into the baby's breath

Sense Molly's last piece was a composition in purple, with the beautiful balance
between the colours on the vase and the choice of material.

The members then got down to trying their hand at single colour compositions.  The arrangements have been organised by colour, to highlight how even within the same colour, compositions can look completely different.

Sensei Prerana and Chelvi also worked with purple, with different approaches.

Sensei Prerana worked with a mass of Sweet Williams, to reflect the hue of her vase,
with the purple dendrobium orchids adding line and depth.

Chelvi, also used dendromium orchids in her purple nagiere vase, but added beautiful line and space with dressina to match.

Sensei Trishala, and Shylaja experimented with white.

Sensei Trishala used a white "U" shaped vase, and explored the green tint in the
stamen of the white anthuriums which she matched with green dressina and
a green ribbon on the surface of the vase.

Shylaja created an all-white arrangment with jerberas and roses and Baby's Breath.

Chitra Thiagarajan was inspired by the mauve of her vase, which she matched with the driftwood, dressina and
the mauve of the button chrysanthemums and the  tinge in the berries, from which she explored green as well.
Sensei Divya had an unusual composition in green, cleverly working yellow and cream tints into the arrangement.

A top angle view of the same arrangement
There were several "yellows", each quite different from the other.

Bhuvana use yellow jerberas, chrysanthemums and carnations in a bright yellow container, exploring the tint of brown.

Sensei Ambika on the other hand provided height with Tecoma flowers, while the surface of yellow croton leaves and the yellow reed brought movement lower down, complementing the curve of her yellow vase.

Chitra Rajan also used yellow crotons and chrysanthemums in a yellow dish, and the white inner surface of the dish, was complemented with the cream tinted rose as a Shin line.

Satya had a unique piece, all in brown.
Pushkala's composition was the only one in red, and the brilliant ixoras matched the vase which she had interestingly covered in red cord.  The pink tint was added for relief.

The three demonstration arrangements once again

Sensei Malathi handing over a small memento to our guest Megumi san
It was wonderful to have our member Satya take pictures in her Nikon camera, far better than the usual phone camera pictures that we normally post!  We hope to see her regularly in our meetings!