Sunday, July 24, 2016

Malathi sensei visits the Bangalore chapter

May 2016

Mrs. Reddy demonstrating Dutch flower arrangements at the Bengaluru Sogetsu Chapter meeting in May this year.

Also present on the Dias Chapter President Mrs. Leela Venkatadri.

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 Malathi met her teacher Mrs. Uma Rao in Bengaluru, a picture of both of them.

Padma sensei explains the principles of Abstract Art in relation to Ikebana

16th March 2016

Our sensei Mrs Padma Swaminathan conducted the March workshop, where she opened our minds to abstract creations. It was an interesting departure for us all, so used to naturalistic interpretations.

Padma sensei recalled her Japanese teacher's remarks as to how to remove the naturalness from the material and look at it with "fresh" eyes.  That is the secret of good abstract compositions, and they become art, rather than a craft or skill.

Her first composition:  "Fishing i the waters" - Driftwood in a wrought iron stand, with hanging glass marbles

Padma sense's Second composition:  Spring - Jerbera on paper and cardboard

Malathi sensei - umbrella plant and amarylis lily

"Spaceship to Mars" - Prerana sensei

"Birthday" - by Prerana sensei

Bhuvana - the pink bricks and the green reminiscent of a park bench?

Chitra's creation with a dumbbell!

Ambika Sensei - Amarylis, croton and dressina - The dancer

Chelvi - driftwood with Peacock flower

"The tribal chief" - dry seed pods and foam packing mesh without container. Draceana intertwined.White packing mesh at the base.  "It depicts a wise tribal chief (draceana) and his subjects(seed pods)  in a meeting," says Janaki

Artist unknown

Divya Varma echoed the colour and lines of the vase in the material below.

Chitra Rajan worked with Bauhinia in a cardboard container

Sensei Meenu - a black container was converted into a base to give solidity to a bag as container.  Bold red lines on the bag was moved in to the design