Sunday, August 19, 2012

August workshop - meeting after the summer break

 Our first meeting after the summer break was held on 8th August at Kalpataru, a hobby centre on ECR road, Chennai. There was a good attendance by the members with 4 absentees.

As the programme was announced in many newspapers, there were some 8 to 10 interested visitors who enjoyed the demonstration by Sensei Padma, the theme being " using more than 2 kinds of materials in a Free Style composition"
 Mrs. Meenakshi Sarin hosted the event.

I must say the ambience of Kalpataru really complemented the event.

Sensei Padma's first arrangement

Padma showed how to take advantage of the shape of the vase to begin the floral composition, using bleached mitsumata, asia lilies,hosta leaves and completed with golden rod flowers.  For this arrangement she chose the flat or horizontal style.

Sensei Padma's second arrangement

Her 2nd composition was in a small squarish brown container which had a curled fold on each side as if it was a 'lip'. In this she displayed vertical style arrangement using gladiolii flowers, lily leaves,
foxtail fern and gerberas.

There were few questions after the demonstration, which Padma clarified. Padma received warm and hearty applause from the audience.

The workshop then continued with the same theme, and members all worked to produce beautiful arrangements with the same theme.  All the photos are not here, and also if there are errors in naming the artist, please mention in the comments!
Sensei Malathi
Sensei Vaishali


By Dalley


There was good fellowship with snacks and tea.

The next workshop will be at ABK-AOTS on 13th September in the evening from 4.30pm to 5.30 pm. Hope the working members will make it for this workshop. Mrs. Molly Cherian will demonstrate a textbook lesson, again using more than 2 kinds of materials.

Details will be announced later.