Friday, December 31, 2010

Dina Malar exhibition Photos

Go to the Flickr page for all the photos.

Starting off!
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Though there was some chaos and confusion before the start, the Ikebana arrangements came out fabulously in the end. The exuberance of our Sogetsu ladies were seen clearly in their creations. Sadly, I was unable to see the first lot of arrangements "live", as I was laid up in bed, but the photos that wer taken by Chitra's daughter was some consolation!

Trishala's All Leaf
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The exhibition was part of a consumer fair sponsored by Dinamalar, and was held at the YMCA grounds Royapettah. A temporary structure was set up, complete with airconditioning. The air conditioner wires though, added some extra "lines" to various creations, as you will see!
Then there was "the missing camera" episode, where Malathi sensei was convinced she had brought her new camera to the exhibition and had "lost" it. All the ladies were given a lecture as to how this is why she tells her husband that she doesn't want these gadgets, etc etc, and everyone was suitably upset that this camera was lost. Anyway, the incident had a happy ending, in that the camera was located at home!!

This is just a sample of some of the wonderful creations. Please do take a look at all the arrangements on the FlickR page.

Chitra's composition
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The exhibition was well attended and there was a lot of visitor curiosity about the exhibits, though much of the quations were to do with whether the flowers were real or artificial. There were also enquiries as to whether the arrangements could be bought!

Our thanks to ABK-AOTS Dosokai and their team for coordinating and working out all the nitty gritty for the exhibition.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sogetsu exhibits at the Dina Malar Fair

Smart Shopper 2010, the Dina Malar exhibition on at YMCA Royapettah, has a pavillion with more than 40 Sogetsu Ikebana exhibits! Do go and take a look!

The exhibition is on from 24th until 27th December, 10am to 8 pm. December 25th evening, the arrangements are likely to be changed and replaced by other pieces, so it is worthwhile going twice!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

In honour of the Emperor's birthday!

December workshop - Glass containers

The December workshop was also accompanied by rain! But luckily for us, the morning turned out bright and clear, and the Cheenai roads drained and we were able to make it!

The theme was glass containers. Meenu, had just arrived that morning from her overseas trip, but gamely agreed to do a mini demo for us.

As Malathi sensei pointed out, glass containers pose some interesting challenges for the Ikebana artist. In a tall vase, the stalks within the vase are also clearly visible, and therefore need to be part of the composition. Also, when a pinholder is used, it is vital to see that it is hidden from the viewer.

We all tried various methods, some of us used leaves within the vase, others incorporated low material to hide the pinholder, etc. i tried to make my lines within the vase also form part of the composition, but somehow it didnt work very well.

Valeria sensei in Auroville had demonstrated to us a novel way to use a cross bar on the rim of the vase, in order for the stalks inside to remain close to the rim, and present a clear vase of water. I dont remember now, which is a shame...I should have made notes.

Meenu's demonstration

Workshop efforts