Friday, February 17, 2017

Creativity on the Spot

February 10, 2017

"What's in store for me?" Members eagerly look for their lots
This was a workshop with a twist—not theme based as always, but grew out of  Mrs. Padma Swaminathan’s idea of exchanging vases. It was decided that flowers and greens too would be exchanged and this suggestion was welcomed by all.  In most workshops the theme is fixed in advance, and members have ample time to plan the arrangement. But today the challenge was to create something from an unknown set of materials. Once everyone had assembled, the materials were numbered,  lots picked and all good  to go. 

Eleven members were present and  it was good to have Ambika in our midst again, as she had been unable to attend a couple of earlier workshops .
Sensei Padma works her magic

Mrs. Malathi Pandurang began with a brief introduction of Sensei Padma,  who also demonstrated on-the-spot creativity,  arranging in  a deep brown ceramic vase, yellow and red gerbera and local green material. A single brown twig curving downwards created an expanse of space in this eye catching piece.
A close up of her finished piece,
evoking freshness and summer days

Sensei Padma's work
   Fresh and dried material come together in perfect harmony
in the experienced hands of Sensei Padma Swaminathan
Sensei Padma combines angles and curves
 with colour for this piece using two kenzan
A dramatic silence pervaded the room as members first observed the materials put together by others and pondered over how best to showcase them. Prerana said she had a feeling of going for an exam as she had to use materials not planned by her but by someone else!

An army green suiban, matching leaves and yellow roses inspire Sensei Janaki
to recreate spheres with roses and the two halves of the palm leaf
The end result was beauty and creativity that was truly inspiring and led us to believe that it is possible to rise up to any challenge if it is approached with an open mindset. As the proverb goes: " A picture is worth a thousand words" and so, here goes!
Chitra Rajan uses two kenzan to create this piece-- "In Conversation", 
using trimmed palm leaf and gerberas blending with the green vase 

The use of dried material by many members is a tribute to the faith of Chennai in the aftermath of cyclone Vardah, that this too shall pass and we will move forward again. 
Yellow chrysanthemums and dried branch show
 line and mass in this piece by Sensei Dalley.

Sensei Prerana contrasts the glossy black vase with fresh white
 and orange carnations and Chinese bamboo for a sense of drama

Sensei Molly uses this unusual ceramic vase
to spread joy with carnations and ixora

Chitra Thiagarajan contrasts the square suiban with curved lines and draceana leaves, the bright orange gerberas perking up the arrangement 
Sensei Meenakshi chose  a vantage point the for the coconut  stem.
Surface and mass create a breezy outdoor effect

Sensei Malathi's suiban resembles sea foam--a light base for
the strong surface of moneyplant leaves, with pretty pink
carnations and dried branch

Yellow seems to be the colour of the day, and Sensei Ambika
creates  a summerscape with earth coloured wooden suiban, chrysanthemums and local greens
It was an enjoyable experiment, and sure to be repeated!