Saturday, March 4, 2017

Botany Meets Fresh Flowers

Women’s Christian College
Ikebana Demonstration/ Workshop
February 20, 2017

Women’s Christian College, Chennai organised a demonstration/workshop of Ikebana to introduce students of the Botany department to this beautiful art form. 45 students were present for the session from 8.15 to 11 am. The Department staff and Head of Department too were present throughout the event and were very encouraging. 
Sensei Trishala Vaishnav shares tips on palm weaving
Senseis  Prerana Mehta and  Trishala Vaishnav  handled the session, and it  was a special day for Trishala as she is an alumnus of the College. Prerana began with a 10-minute introduction on Ikebana, followed by a demo of the Basic Upright style  by Trishala and Basic Slanting style by Prerana. They also did a freestyle arrangement each, and everything went smoothly as they had meticulously planned  and prepared for the day.
Sensei Prerana Mehta doing a freestyle arrangement

Sensei Prerana creates fluid movement 

Sensei Trishala uses woven palms
 to offset the yellow chrysanthemums

Sensei Trishala's basic slanting style arrangement

It was then time for the  students to put their newly learnt skills into practice. They worked in groups of three and  were given complete sets of vases, flowers, greens, cutters and kenzans to work with.  Our senseis were very happy about the outcome and how well students had picked up the concept. It is easy to imagine how well Prerana and Trishala conveyed their enthusiasm and joy to the group!

Students keenly observing the demo...
and the joy shows too!

Students convey joy and freshness with red and green

Good use of the angular vase to show expanse of water

Pink roses spread across the vase
make good use of its  length

Pretty in pink, with the flowers and vase going well together

Line and space are shown well, along with
the expanse of water in the suiban
The highlight of the workshop, Prerana said, was not about the technical aspects as much as the enthusiasm and enjoyment of students, which showed in their arrangements. Students made their work easy by assisting in carrying the materials to the venue on the first floor. They evinced keen interest and were extremely well behaved during the session. 
The HoD’s remark that they would remember this workshop even 25 years later was the best possible feedback they could get, and this is the kind of encouragement that nurtures the group.