Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September workshop at ABK

As our Chennai Sogetsu Group grows larger, we find that accommodating all of us into a residence, along with our vases and material, is becoming a real squeeze. The Group decided to use the hall at the ABK-AOTS Dosokai centre on Nelson Manickam road. ABK-AOTS has been a wonderful patron for our group, and once again extended a helping hand by giving us one of their business meeting rooms for a nominal fee.

As we arrived, we found that tables had been put out, buckets of water were ready and all we had to do was get down to our ikebana! It was a pleasure to have Mrs Lan Minagawa, Mrs Suzuki and Mrs Keiko from the consulate as guests at our workshop.

We started off with a short presentation on the materials of Chennai, their botanical names and some possible materials that we could use in the future as well. Hopefully, this exercise will help us at our next exhibition when we look to make a note of the materials we have used in the arrangements.


The highlight of the morning of course was a delightful ( as always!) mini-demonstration by Malathi sensei.

The rocky hills of Kolar!
She started off with a vivid description of the large, rocky bare hills that she sees while travelling between Chennai and Bangalore. How these rocks are transformed with rain, and the bursting forth of life from within.
My favourite was this "fire, ice and ash" composition. She brought to life her artistic interpretation of the Icelandic volcano, that erupted earlier this year. A natural act, rendering Man helpless and powerless!

The Chennai Sogetu Group

She signed off with an arrangement in honour of our group, the togetherness, learnings and explorations, with its senseis, senior students, newcomers and of course our two "tall" men!!

The workshop

We missed Trishala, still busy with winding up all the festivities of her daughter's wedding, and Pushkala, who was at cllege.