Sunday, May 26, 2013

A workshop and demonstration at the residence of the Japanese Consul in Chennai

 On May 8th Madam Keiko Nakono invited Malathi sensei to give a Talk and demonsration on Ikebana at the Japanese Consular's residence at 10.30 am.

For the demonstration she chose basic Sogetsu Upright and Slanting styles, displaying also the naturalism and
the significance of 'Line'.

Madam Keiko lloks on as Malathi sensei starts with an introduction to Ikebana

The group of ladies were being introduced to the art for the first time and so simplicity and the basic principles of Sogetsu Ikebana were emphasized
Three arrangements were demonstrated before the ladies moved on to try their hand in the workshop

A snapshot of the three arrangements
The workshop begins

A group photo to complete the session.  The invitees were the wives of the Chennai
Port Trust officers,  Coast Guards Officers and a few Naval Officers wives

The participants were very enthusiastic and involved, asking questions and taking pictures.  Also, they listened carefully to the comments and corrections  on their work in the workshop.

On the whole it was a rewarding experience says the sensei. Mrs. Dally Verghese assisted very well and was able to join in the event in short notice.