Friday, March 27, 2015

Inauguration, Ikebana style!

Preparing the brooms

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board in Mumbai were planning for a programme on "Swach Bharat Abhiyaan". The PM of India Mr Narendra Modi has urged Indians to be part of a clean India movement, and this was one such initiative.

Instead of the usual ribbon-cutting opening ceremony, our Chennai Sogetsu Study Group member, Venkatesh, thought of a novel idea.

Using the broom as a symbol of cleanliness, and with a theme of white, he created a composition with white roses, Baby's Breath  and used green crotons to complement the green ceramic vases.

The upright broom in the nagiere vase was tied together with a satin ribbon, which was to be cut for a symbolic opening of the event.

The completed arrangement
The Chief Guest was requested to cut the ribbon, and this led to the graceful opening of the broom, with a few bending gracefully and the others remaining upright.

Unfortunately there is no picture of the arrangement after the inauguration.

Indeed a novel and appropriate way for a Swachh Bharat programme!

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Anonymous said...

Really a creative idea! Venkatesh. Congratulations! Do keep up your ikebana however busy you may be. Malathi.