Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Prerana and Trishala create together

By Prerana and Trishala - There are a pair of old, copper boilers, one each from our homes!  We used the coal in the base to provide a framework.  The heliconia was like the heat rising up and the white limoneum clouds like puffs of steam!  The two boilers are unified in composition by the brown plastic swirls.  It was an exciting challenge to create such a large, joint composition!
By Prerana - Bird's nest.  Bamboo sticks tied together to create a bird's nest.  The yellow lily signifies the life-giving energy from the sun.

By Trishala - the beautiful caladium leaf is showcased.  I emphasized line by displaying the alstromeria as a bundled set of stalks.  The plastic balls added a hint of drsms, while also helping to cover the pinholder.

By Prerana - Still life.  Morimono, thes use of fruit and vegetables.  With minimal spending on flowers, we can still do Ikebana.

By Trishala - A tall linear composition, the curled aspidistras complementing the vase.

By Trishala - This interesting vase is from Auroville.  The browns of the vase are complemented in the brown lines.  The surface of the pothas leaf balanced the ornamental bananas.

By Trishala - An all leaf arrangement in a glass container demonstrates the presence of so many shades of green in the market.

By Prerana - In this brass vase, the yellow and brown leaf denotes old age but the flower is the happy and positive spirit even if we are old

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Anonymous said...

Leisurely going through the work,the all leaf is striking only the croton seems to have fallen.Prerana's 'Age' and drumsticks are an advanced student's work. Malathi.