Saturday, March 16, 2013

Minimalistic interpretations

By Malathi - the vase has interesting colours and the brown of the line complements it.  The wide sweep gives depth, and the agapanthus contrasts the colours of the vase.

By Malathi - Click on the picture to see it large.  the Nagiere vase has a split, and the dracena has rich colours and a unusual curl which I wanted to highlight. 

By Chelvi.  The Cycas leaves complement the texture of the combination vases and their shape provides drama.

By Kalpana.  Abstract composition with umbrella plant and ginger torch, the lines complementing the triangle Sogetsu vase.
By Kalpana - a completely different and unusual  composition in an identical trinagular vase, titled "Twins"

By Chelvi -  Simplicity.  Bamboo as vase and material
By Chelvi - simple, local materials with driftwood, to give a charming countryside feel

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Anonymous said...

Chelvi, Kalpana quite a striking display, do keep it up, it is very promising and may be you will be grandmasters. Malathi.