Sunday, March 17, 2013

Surfaces and lines - Sensei Molly experiments

Sensei Molly experimented with the large green surfaces of the Monstera leaves and the glossy waxed anthurium surfacesin her arrangements, and worked in strong lines as well.

By Molly - My container is a white bamboo basket, and I complemented its roundness  with these large monstera leaves showing surface and the Heliconia added line.  The bleached vine complemented the texture of the basket.

By Molly - This creation has no vase as such.  Bamboo stems in different lengths tied together with Banyan prop roots to show line.  Poinsettia leaves massed together.  Red colour of Poinsettia and variegated Ixora leaves add colour.  All the three elements - line, mass and colour seen here.

By Molly - Placing the black Japanese ceramic container differently (with the short side in front, not length-wise) brought a new perspective to a familiar container.  I bunched the Sanseviera leaves  together to show lines ;  maroon & white Anthuriums used on either side

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Anonymous said...

Molly no one has displayed 'surfaces'and your's stands out, mostly they are mass and lines.Is'nt that good? Malathi.