Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chitra focuses on family and celebrations

Chitra created her arrangements with her usual flair and joy.  And also helped Malathi sensei to recreate Seetha's compositions, as a  result of which Seetha was also present in spirit, despite being pulled away from the city unavoidably during the exhibition.
By Chitra - A large palm leaf, bulrushes, chrysanthemums and limoneum, in a ceramic vase. I title this Achievement, a child grows and stands tall like the bulrush.  

Seetha's granite vase composition recreated in absentia  by Malathi and Chitra!

By Chitra - Family.  Celebrations bound together with values and traditions.  Monstera, heliconia in a shell plate

Another of Seetha's composition presented in absentia by Chitra and Malathi

By Chitra - Birds nest fern, anthurium flowers, limoneum and driftwood in a square glass plate.  Through
life's ups and downs, grow tall and shine bright.
By Chitra - "An Auspicious welcome" - Coconut fronds and monstera leaves arranged in a granite

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Anonymous said...

Chitra they look so good, it is nice they appear on the blog, for I never get enough time to see all your work in detail. All of them are striking, Seetha's granite is so versatile you can keep on trying many styles in your granite containers; stone is a wonderful material! please express yourself in it.Malathi.