Thursday, March 28, 2013

Exciting variety of compositions from sensei Meenu and her students

Sensei Meenu and her students displayed a variety of styles and variations in our annual exhibition.  From no-kenzan compositions to minimal interpretations to sing of local material, enjoy the compositions below.

By Meenu - Inspired by the marsh I see everyday from my window.  In a black moribana fibreglass suiban,
I have used tamarind branches and guava branches without kenzan, canna buds, amaralyis and water hyacinth.
I think l will call it The nest.
By Meenu - "Connections".  The unusual shaped ceramic containers were connected with  wanda orchids, green mocha orchids and a colored bamboo vine
By Meenu - "Twin Towers"  The woven branches of palm added an unusual touch, and the interesting openings in the vase were used to add colour with button chrysanthemums.
By Divya - Using the openings of the ceramic vase, and adding height with the tall bird of paradise
By Divya - Teak branches used  in a composition in the open style variation

By Meenu - Minimalism.  Brds of Paradise flowers with hosta lily leaves in a ceramic vase.

By Zaitoon - A simple tabletop with sans savera leaves and gladioli flowers

By Meenu - I call this Kalpataru.  Two cleaned and polished coconut shell form the base, inside which I have placed a small container that holds the flowers and greens. 

         Materials used were 2 coconut shoots,3 mocha orchids,a branch of alamanda


Anonymous said...

They look good Meenu! Malathi.

Anonymous said...

Divya you show much promise, be at it and you will discover 'wonder'with plant material and containers.
Zaitoon, a very good beginning, you too please be at it. Diligence pays. Malathi.

priya krishnan said...

I would like to learn. I'm priya and my email is

Please could you inbox me your phone number? Ill call
You about classes.