Monday, August 3, 2009

Some of the arrangements.........

Here, I would like to post pictures of some arrangements that I liked. Only a few of the many.

This one is by Mrs Indu Punj. I like it so much for the gorgeous Chinese Peonies. I wonder whether they are available in India! Mrs Punj brought them from London a couple of days before the exhibition. They are so beautiful and fragrant too. She has combined Ixora branches, some vines and dracena leaves also - (sorry if I am wrong)

This arrangement was liked by all, I am sure. The colour, the lines and the harmony is very striking. I dont remember the name of the artist. You can enlarge the pic and see if you wish.

This simple but lovely arrangement is by Avni Chug.

This is a "Rikka Shofutai" arrangement by Mr Vivek Rao of Bangalore. This a classical Ikenobo School Arrangement. I am sure everyone can make out the difference. This style of Ikebana is more than 500 years old, Mr Rao told me!! Wow!

This is an Ohara School style Landscaping by Mrs Rahmatullah. This senior Ikebana member from Mumbai and had come for the exhibition on a wheel chair - She lost one of her legs recently! Whoa! Thats some spirit! Some Dedication!! These two pictures form one single work. This large work was spread over a big table!

Life comes a full circle in Mrs Indu Punj's "Fulfilment". I like it for the theme and depiction. Some bright yello orcids and greens on the top right signifying her childhood, the asia lilies for the youth, the strong wood and other flowers for her mature years and to the left top dried bamboo for the old age where there is nothing more to achieve! There is only peace. Contenment. Fulfilment !!!!

This gorgeous natural arrangement is by Mrs Kanta Bukhari! The pond scene created using Bullrushes, Lilies, reeds and Driftwood in a Japanese golden disc-like vase was magnificient!! Bullrush is my most favourite material - I know you all know :) The lily had an unsual pink colour, I thought it is an artificial flower. Mrs Bukhari later told me it is from her garden!

And people, before I sign off Here is one lovely arrangement from Mrs Ahluwalliah (did i spell it right? sorry, if i didnt). Absolutely gorgeous. Simple but gorgeous. The blue vase is from New York and looked like paper strips folded. She has created the amazing space with Kiwi Fruit Vines and added the flowers (sorry i cant recollect the name) for colour in a beautiful way. All of us liked this very much!!!
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Anonymous said...

There seems to be an endless variety to show, and to discuss as we did that late evening. Malathi

flowergirl said...

Lovely! Esp, since some of these arrangement are not on the facebook page.

srishticrafts said...

venkatesh ..A very well exposition in photograph,write-up & one gets the impression that one has not missed anything. Savita Grover

Venkatesh said...

hi Savita,
Thank you very much for visiting the blog and writing your comment. Very nice of you. We had a great time in Delhi :) And I wanted to give the complete account of events to friends who couldnt be there - and for us to re-live the times again !!