Thursday, August 6, 2009

An Amazing story and some more pics...

I love berries in ikebana. And so I like this arrangement because of the lovely "Karaunda" berries used here. They are the sour ones that make awesome pickles we find in Northern India. They are pinkish-redish-white in colour!!

There is a very interesting and amazing story behind this picture. In this picture, you see Mrs Veena Das showing "Two". Actually she was narrating this incident to me -There was this man who was heavily addicted to drugs for Two years! He couldnt kick the habit, though he wanted to. Someone directed him to Mrs Dass. He then took Ikebana lessons. Unbelievable, but true, through the magic of flowers and the power of the beautiful art of Ikebana, this man totally gave up his addiction to drugs!! Wow! I mean WOW !!!!!!! Nothing more to be said !!! I was speechless!!

Well, I had missed out some pics from the first album on facebook. So here is another link. Just click this line and you can see the 40+ pics also!! Enjoy!!


srishticrafts said...

hi your work is quite interesting .I really enjoyed.But arrangement No.6and7 out of 42 are one arrangement because it was made by me and gift box arrangement giving warm welcome with folding hands to the visitors.

Venkatesh said...

hi savita,
thank you very much for visiting the blog and writing the comments. I am sorry I split your work into two :) There were so many arrangements to be photographed as well as enjoyed and the time was just too short... I was rushing through. I wish someone explained to me about their arrangements and the theme they had in mind while creating it ! I must tell you the truth, on seeing the gift box alone, I was missing some point and was wondering what it meant ! I should have seen it as one whole work, shoulnt I? I thought due to shortage of space it is kept like that.. Very sorry about that !! Thank you for informing us of your theme !!