Sunday, August 2, 2009

Part 2 - Excitement!!! Preparation!!!!

27th July, 2009 - Day 1
I arrive in Chennai. After shower and breakfast, I headed for Malathi Sensei’s home. She wanted me to drop some leaves and branches at Amethyst who will pack it alongwith the flowers. The moment I entered, I was given a very warm welcome by.. Pandurang Uncle . He was so very happy and even more relieved to see me..! And to tell the truth, he seemed much more excited than all of us who were going to Delhi!! Sensei had decided upon the arrangements already and we needed to carry Trishala’s antique ‘Masala Box’ which was quite a heavy one. And there were pinholders and more pin holders, cutters, scissors, knives, wires and stuff that might arouse the suspicion of the people at the airport! Uncle was worried that the ladies might face lot of trouble with it.. And when he saw me, he was so happy that there was atleast “one Man”. He opened the suitcase that had the Masala Box and Ikebana accessories and explained to me step-by-step how and where things have been packed and kept and what to do at the airport if asked to declare, and later while unpacking etc etc!

Malathi Sensei, on the other hand was very worried and tensed that she felt too relaxed and comfortable :) :). She told me that she felt so relaxed that she doubted that she was forgetting something important and had been going through her check-list over and over again :) Uncle was very happy that the job has been entrusted to me. So very happy that he didnt let me take an autorickshaw to Amethyst and drove me there himself!!

I headed towards Khader Nawas Khan Road to meet Prerana who would help me shop for some clothes! Trishala joined her and they did a very decent job at that, though with Prerana’s opening remark “Remember, we havent done this for our husbands even! Consider yourself truly blessed!” ;)
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It was yet another shock for Uncle to see the three huge boxes of packed flowers !!! They were very heavy, Uncle was sure the air-freight was going to cost us more than the flowers. In which case, he advised us to throw them away and go. Malathi Sensei remained cool....The taxis would arrive at 4.30am and we had to assemble sharp by then. I was tired that night, but couldnt sleep well. I kept waking up and looked at the watch every half hour !!


Anonymous said...

Venkatesh, I did not know that you are such an interesting reporter of events so factually accurate and you could do that so humourously! yes we can re-live those moments with your write-up. Malathi.

Venkatesh said...

Thank you so very much Sensei !!

flowergirl said...

LOL! Yes, my dad was most relieved on seeing you!!