Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some more arrangements from "Celebrations"

Senpei Veena Dass Created a big arrangement. It was titled "Seasons". It was done on a square platform. In the centre were green Bamboo Poles. Around it, on the four sides, each season was depicted. It was difficult to get the whole work in one photograph. So I have taken the 4 of them separately. Here it is for you!

This is "Spring" with the lillies and other flowers in full bloom

This one is "Summer" - The warmth is felt through the flowers used here

"Autumn" was evident from the brown, yellow and orange colours of Thistle and Bird of paradise and from the Citrine Fruits !!

And "Winter" from the white, the pine branches and the soothing blue and violet colours!!
The work that you see below is a "Rikka Shimputai" of the Ikenobo School of Ikebana. This is the work of Mr Vivek Rao from Bangalore.

This work by Mrs Indu Punj was titled "Contentment" or "Commitment" - (Sorry I dont remember which one).

And this one a beautiful "Dancing Peacock" by Ms Savita Grover!!

These two Red Glass vases were big. I liked them very much. They were such a presence :)

Also, these combination Leaf-like vases were very interesting. The arrangement was by one Ms Ritika, if my memory is right. (Correct me if I am wrong).


flowergirl said...

Yes, its difficult to visualise the big one...have the central bamboos come in any picture?

I like the peacock actually.

Venkatesh said...

yes flower girl, the bamboo can be seen in Autumn. Clearly just above the Citrine fruits. It can be seen in Spring also and maybe vaguely in summer also. The poles are green with cuts in them. And yes, the peacock was good to see! The train of feathers had come out nicely!!