Monday, July 14, 2008

Workshop is workshop, wherever you are !!

Ambika, now the blog really looks alive. Looks like I did indeed miss loads of fun!! And man, havent you created some beautiful Ikebana!! But for that fire in that A/c of the bus, I should have been there !! Do we have a new member - Chainika?? Good to hear that. And where was Ashok ?Now, on to some serious work.

What do you think I did all the while...???? After hours of serious thoughts, prayers, meditation and so on, I decided to post the picture of the arrangement I did at home while the workshop was on... Don't laugh. Honestly, I had to gather up all the courage I had and borrow some more, to post it before the Senseis :) I know you will excuse this 7 month old kid (only for Ikebana) and will write in your comments, opinions, comments etc etc. It would really help me learn, understand, correct, improve and grow.

I had picked up some lotus leaves day before yesterday, to bring to the workshop. They were just getting dry and beautiful today. I would have used a black vase, if I had one. I wasnt left with any other choice, so I used this brown one. So thats it!!
See, workshop is workshop. Wherever you are. Meet you in the next post !!


flowergirl said...

That's the spirit! So how did you get the lotus leaves to stand??

Venkatesh said...

Thanks Ambika. Please tell me how has the arrangement turned out?? Good ? OK? So.. So ?? Hmmmm.... :)
Actually I used the cross bar inside the vase as taught in the lesson. The stems (or stalks??) of the leaves were quite long, thick and sturdy. So they just stood like branches resting on the cross bar itself. To borrow your words, they just "behaved" nicely :)

Anonymous said...

Venkatesh, you were mentioning the lotus leaves over the phone, that was a very good idea to doit along with us, the vase and materials are harmonious, don't you think the tall leaf could have been a bit longer and the space so created a lotus sstem added to make it 5 stalks not 4, Malathi.

Venkatesh said...

Thanks a lot for wriring your comment. I was eager to see it.
Actually there ARE 5 stalks. But the 4 are only visible in the front view of the picture. When I viewed it from the side, the space was a bit ugly and empty. So I added one in the rear facing the right side just below the leaf extending out to the right and it looked better. However, i couldnt get it right in the photograph. And I have used the maximum height available for the tall leafe because I couldnt go deep into the pond and cut it longer because it was too marshy :) I will keep your valuable suggestion in mind and improve in future.

flowergirl said...

I clicked on the picture and so got to see an enlarged version. The vase is really beautiful! bring it the next time you come!

I guess if you couldnt find a tall enough lotus leaf, you could've added some other tall line?

Venkatesh said...

Thanks flowergirl for the nice comment. Actually I bought the vase for Rs.180/= only (Yes, one hundred and eighty only). There is one more piece in the store. Do you want it?? If yes, I can buy it. About the taller line, Ma'am slso suggested about using something like a reed or so. It was my first experiment with only leaves and I didnt know that different leaves could be used. I will keep it in mind next time.