Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Hindu : Property Plus Chennai : Even marsh weeds come handy!

The Hindu : Property Plus Chennai : Even marsh weeds come handy!

You can create great effect with the use of wild marsh weeds in a classic ikebana frame, writes Hema Vijay.
Natural feel: A handful of marsh weeds set upright on a shallow ceramic vase.

Need Ikebana be expensive and fanciful? Are those spectacular orchids and imported flowers a must? Not at all. You can use plant material you see around and create a great effect. Like Venkatesh Sthanusubramanian, who has brilliantly created a classy ikebana arrangement using marsh weeds growing wild in the countryside!

“I keep travelling in the countryside and the bull rush weeds that inevitably grow near water bodies caught my attention”, says Venkatesh. That was the inspiration which culminated in this arrangement.

Venkatesh caught hold of a handful of these weeds and set them upright (using an ikebana pin holder) on a shallow ceramic vase. A few stalks of tiny white star daisies and pink asters arranged casually at the base of the weeds complete the arrangement.

Lake effect
The fact that Venkatesh chose to fill the shallow vase with water creates a natural lake effect. The arrangement augmented by the water body radiates an aura of peace and tranquility, while the tall and rising bull rush weeds give a sense of reaching out for the higher things in life.

“I wanted to stick to a natural feel. That is why I opted for locally available, inexpensive, and subtle flowers like asters and star daisies. Fanciful flowers would look unnatural here”, Venkatesh elaborates.

You can also use other kinds of weeds, flowers like the vadamalli, locally seen pebbles, and any sort of a shallow, broad container that allows for the water effect to be unleashed. Well, simple is beautiful!


Shumho said...

I am Shumho from Japan.
I agree with that.
I can feel ikebana mind in that arrangement!

Anonymous said...

Ambika, such a quick report of the workshop good photoes and apt comments, my classroom looks so lively inspite of the worn out drapes, thanks to you, amma.