Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lotus Ikebana

I love the Lotus and always wanted to do an Ikebana with it. I was thrilled to discover a lotus pond very near my home, on my way to work. My daughter and I now visit the pond frequently - sometimes to collect flowers and sometimes just to look at its beauty. However, it was not a very joyful experience trying to make an Ikebana with the lotus and lillies. The lotus would immediately droop - the moment it is cut and taken out of water!! Those lilies from the pond are better - they stay upright for some time. However, I had to insert thin sticks like the rib of coconut leaf into the stem to keep them straight. Even then they last only for about a couple of days maximum. The Sogetsu Lesson says to inject liquid in which tobacco is soaked into the stem. I tried doing it with an ordinary syringe and ended up in a horrible mess - dejected and disappointed. Then I saw this picture of Iemoto Akane's arrangement in the Sogetsu Website. It was telling me that indeed, a beautiful Ikebana IS POSSIBLE with lotus. I then resolved NOT TO GIVE UP. To practice and practice, with patience, till I get my Lotus Ikebana right !! Please do wish me good luck :) Here is the Iemoto's arrangement for you!!

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flowergirl said...

Yes, it is a lovely arrangement! let us know if you succeed!

I have only used the lotus low down in the vase.