Monday, July 14, 2008

Creative with leaves, and only leaves!

Today's workshop was so much fun! (Venkatesh, what a pity you couldn't make it - missed some good food as well!!?)

The theme was all leaf arrangement, and all the ladies had come prepared with such beautiful and varied leaf material. I dont think any 2 of us used the same material! Unlike flowers, where we have a limited choice in Madras, our weather is so good for leaves of different colours, textures and sizes.

Unfortunately, I had only my little phone cam, and so the pictures are not that great. And also, I just took the pictures as we created, so there's no eye for backdrop or light, so just enjoy!

Chainika (I hope I have her name right) had a lovely combination of green and dry material, and the photo has chopped off the long lines in her moribana, while Seetha brought these interesting leaves - are they a kind of monstera? - with aspidistra leaves rolled up.

Chitra used her favourite sans savera, while prerana experimented with the brown of the acalipha leaves and the green of the copper pod leaves.  Vaishali very ingeniously curled a caladium leaf in the mouth of her container, and used variegated dressina tall.

Trishala used palm and heliconis while Meenu worked with the money plant and these large caladium leaves.

I used alamanda vine with dressina tall, and a dried aspidistra leaf low down. (The fingers you see are Trishala's!)  Molly's new glass vase with and all-caladium leaf composition.

The variegated oleander stalks (aren't they spectacular?) were brought by Prerana.

From the cheerful confusion of the workshop room, we moved across into the living room.

Dali's arrangement with berries, palm stalks(?) and Malathi's arrangement with a jasmine vine and leaves in various stages of dyness!!

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farustar said...

I really enjoyed the workshop is truly amazing that so much can b done with leaves...we saw some really beautiful leaves today.