Saturday, April 29, 2017

The 90th anniversary celebrations at Tokyo

Four senseis of our Sogetsu Study Group Chennai attended the 90th Anniversary celebrations at Sogetsu HQ in Tokyo, from the 5th of April until the 10th April 2017.

Details of the exhibition are in the link below.

Our Senseis Malathi, Prerana, Trishala and Meenalskhi, returned, inspired and motivated, with lots of memories and experiences.  For us in the Study Group, the award received by Sensei Malathi was a double bonus!

Sensei Prerana recalls:

  "Seeing the school for the first time is awe inspiring.Before entering u r struck by a huge rock with the Sogetsu emblem carved on it.Walking through the school had a very sublime effect on me.The celebrations were in full swing with everyone so engrossed in creating Ikebana."

Sensei Akane writes in the Sogetsu website:"  I decided to entrust the venue design to design office nendo led by world-renowned designer Mr. Oki Sato, and arrange a collaboration with artists who belong to the Tomio Koyama Gallery."
The workshop

Prerana - "The workshop was a learning experience coupled with some humour by the Ikebana Sensei Koka Fukushima.  It was art and craft incorporated with subtleness."

The workshop handled by Sensei Koka was to update teachers regarding the textbook 5 curriculum. 

Sensei Koka is an old friend of Chennai having visited us and
demonstrated in the city,
two times in the past.
With a portrait of the Late Iemoto Kasumi
Exhibit on the 5th Floor
In the Japanese room

2nd Floor exhibition

The award ceremony and the demonstration

Settling down for the start of the event.
The Award Ceremony was solemn. Mrs. Abe was the chief guest for both Award Ceremony and the Performance.

Six senior Awardees received their awards individually. Their citations were read out, and handed over amidst applause and bowing.

The other awardees names including sensei Malathi, came on the screen, with supporting photographs.

The citation and scroll were handed over later on, and here are some pictures of the aesthetically and beautifully written award.

A proud moment for all of us in the Study Group and we congratulate our Chairperson on this much deserved award!

Sensei Malathi recounts - "The ikebana performance by Iemoto Akane in the sprawling  amphitheatre was superb. There was drums, shamisen music performance while she performed. Also hi tech simulation and art side by side. It was a very dynamic and unusual show. "

The day was Grand, punctual and efficient in all ways.There were 1360 delegates and 136 tables at the sayonara banquet.  All our vegetarian members were served a wonderful 5-course spread!

Prerana concludes - "The convention and banquet were at another level.The glamour quotient was wonderful with Akane taking centre stage.The finale arrangement was breadth taking.The drum beats and the laser effect brought all of us on our feet with a thunderous applause.

The banquet dinner saw Iemoto Akane completely relaxed and in her element.The food was served with so much grace.We raised a toast for Sogetsu Ikebana completing 90 yrs on the planet.

Gave all of us an opportunity to meet Ikebana artists from around the world and interact with them.The night ended with all of us with happily tired but on a high.  The hospitality of the Japanese  will remain with us for a long long time."

The trip was completed with sakura viewing and a Japan homestay for a truly memorable fortnight.


Anonymous said...

All the details of the Celebratiom, Performance and the Workshop in a nutshell, so perfectly compiled along with apt photographs! Great indeed! Malathi.

manoj said...

Thank you I was really want to get some more detail and information
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Wenni Donna said...

Wow! These are amazing photos. Your trip looks very interesting. My parent’s 40th anniversary is coming and we are planning family trip to LA. Could anyone please suggest the best venues in Los Angeles that we shouldn’t miss?