Friday, April 28, 2017

Ikebana Exhibition / Workshop at Phoenix Market City

Sensei Molly sends this report:

It was indeed a privilege to join hands with PHOENIX Marketcity in the celebration of 'Japan Week' from April 20-23, 2017. Displayed 10 Ikebana arrangements along with Bonsai plants from ' BODHI' - The Chennai Bonsai Association.

Ikebana arrangements were by four students and me. The students did simple but meaningful arrangements based on the lessons completed.

Chief Guest was Hiroko Taniguchi, Deputy Consul General, Consulate of Japan. She inaugurated the Exhibition as well as the Ikebana Workshop.

My first arrangement was basic upright style using red carnations and sansevieria in black ceramic suiban. I did three more, two based on lessons and one free style. Used materials easily available in Chennai.
Freestyle composition demonstration
22 participants including few foreigners and couple of students attended the 2 hours long workshop. Each participant was given a terracotta suiban, flowers and foliage. Seating arrangement was not that of a typical class room. There were many round tables, each shared by 2/3 participants. This has created an informal atmosphere and the interactions were easier. Many participants were eager to know more about Sogetsu Ikebana and its activities in Chennai.

Sensei Molly and Chitra Rajan with the demo arrangements

The participants were given the container, scissors, flowers etc used by them. All of them were eager to practise once they reach home. The workshop was followed by a high tea for all.

Meanwhile The Hindu also had this to say:
It might be sweltering outside, but once you step into the mall, you are transported to a spring wonderland. As Phoenix MarketCity dons a visually enchanting decor themed Spring Time in Japan, cherry blossoms and a zen garden with a water feature set the mood for shoppers.
Bonsai pots with casuarina and green island ficus dot the corridors; the exhibits were inaugurated by Hiroko Taniguchi, Deputy Consul-General, Consulate of Japan.
The event also saw Molly Cherian, a certified instructor from Sogetsu Ikebana, Chennai Chapter, conduct a beginner-level workshop on Ikebana. Cherian has been involved with Ikebana for more than 30 years now, and frequently conducts workshops at schools and colleges.
She was assisted by Chitrah Rajah and explained how Ikebana stands for arranging flowers in a container that can hold water. Cherian patiently walked the participants through how to cut the stems, measure them, and choose flowers.
Flowers such as carnations were used, and Cherian taught participants four different styles of Ikebana. 

By Roopa
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