Friday, August 12, 2016

Sogetsu demonstration at ABK event

19th March 2016
Sensei Molly, assisted by Chitra Rajan gave a demonstration of Sogetsu Ikebana, and here is the report by Chitra.

A seminar on culture and society of Japan  was arranged at The Raintree Hotel Anna Salai on 19 Mar 2016 by ABK-AOTS Dosokai, Tamilnadu Centre on behalf of the Japanese Consulate to facilitate social inclusion of differently enable people through cultural exchange . 

Molly Cherian gave a demonstration on behalf of the Sogestu school of Chennai. The demonstration was striking depicting the minimalist classical style of Sogestu Ikebana. Three styles were demonstrated

The audience  which included Japanese Consul General Mr Seiji Baba, Japanese embassy staff, ABK staff and students and  differently enabled persons and students from corporation schools watched with rapt attention and were very appreciative

Sensei Molly with her arrangements - Upright Moribana style using yellow chrysanthemum, and umbrella plant  Cascade style with orchids and jasmine branch, and Freestyle in a tall metal  vase with cockscomb and driftwood without crossbar
There were three exhibits of Sogestu Ikebana  by Molly and one exhibit by Chitra Rajan  as well.
Monstera, white lilies in a tall vase - Sensei Molly

Sensei Molly - Pink and green anthurium on a traditional Japanese container
3. Royal palms, Bromeliad, gypsophilia and chrysanthemum on a traditional brass container

Chitra's arrangement- Twin bamboo containers with colocosia, dracena  and various shades of pink chrysanthemum.

All exhibits were well displayed and appreciated.

Sensei Molly received a memento from the Consul General Mr Seiji Baba .  Mr Ranganathan the Executive Director of ABK conveyed his sincere thanks to Mrs Malathi Pandurang for accommodating his request to demonstrate Sogestu Ikebana in spite of her hectic schedule.

Another highlight of seminar was the Origami exhibition and demonstration by a well known artist Mr Shivaram Ananthanarayan. 

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