Thursday, August 11, 2016

Our July workshop - line and colour

7th July 2016

The Sogetsu Chennai Study Group reassembled after the summer break.  At first, we had the business session.  Malathi sensei handed over the Teachers Certificates to two of our new teachers - Janaki Rao and Divya Selvam.  Congratulations to them, and wishing them a rewarding career in teaching!

The annual reports were also read out - Chitra read out the annual report of the Programs Committee head, and Prerana read out the Finances report.  

We then moved on to the demonstration and workshop.  It was a pleasure to welcome Venkatesh from Mumbai, our Study Group member.

The demonstration by Malathi sensei was on the use of line and colour.
Malathi sensei spoke about her recent visit to Bangalore, where from the eighth floor of her  building, she was able to view the glorious sunrise and sunsets.
The lines of the umbrella plant represented the tall skyscrapers seen in all directions, the Gypsophila were the clouds in her imagination and the colourful jerboas, the sun, as it rose in the sky, turning from red-orange to yellow.  She skilfully worked her theme of line and colour into the composition, in this way.
Continuing on her theme was the second composition with the line framing the eye's  view.
This line and colour theme - the dressing for the plans and coconut trees and the chrysanthemums for the evening sun, moving downwards.
Sensei Prerana used her line to dramatic effect, in this minimalistic composition.
Sensei Ambika, inspired by her recent trip to the Himalayas in Bhutan, worked her chrysanthemum lines into a distinctive structure above, reminiscent of the peaks, far above the clouds and rhododendrons.
Sensei Divya - Vertical lines complimented by the deep colour of the carnations.
Is this Janaki?
Chelvi used a wooden frame and the umbrella plant to provide two contrasting lines, with the chrysanthemums adding the colour.
Artist unknown - ?
Chitra created a tight moribana composition with tall lines adding drama  to the colourful composition below.
Is this Shylaja's work?
Venkatesh - Created a larger space with strong bold angles of the umbrella plant, and chrysanthemums completing the compositions, and adding colour.
Sensei Meenu used wool-entwined twigs, to bring drama nd movement to her composition, with a Gypsophila mass as focus point.


Jrao said...

Yes, the gulmohar one is mine

Jrao said...

Yes, the gulmohar piece is mine

Jrao said...

Yes, the gulmohar piece is mine

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