Thursday, February 26, 2015

February workshop on geometric themes

February 21st 2015

The Study Group met for its monthly meeting at ABK AOTS Dosoka.  The theme of the workshop was to display geometric shapes either through the container or through plant materials and colour.  Nine members attended.

Malathi sensei demonstrated with this compote
All senseis were requested to do one demonstration on the theme. Only 2 senseis were present and  Malathi sensei demonstrated before the workshop.  She chose a black compote. which had a circular top and a cylindrical neck, and a jar like lower part. She expressed a minimal composition using Cypres alternifolia (umbrella plant) to form a triangular shape, complimented with a parallel line with a sharp angle and one gerbera for colour.

 Molly sensei used golden coloured wires in geometric shape, helconia and many leaves.  However, unfortunately, nobody seems to have taken a picture of the arrangement!

Prerana used a nagiere vase with openings on the side and used horizontal triangles and gerberas

By Divya

   Divya Selvam used a black semicircular container, tall and wide which had openings on the circular side, and a flat rectangle on the other side, in which she used many triangular shapes supported with a bunch of white plumeria, and looked good from all sides.

Nirmala used heliconia with line and triangular shape to a successful composition.

Trishala created triangle shapes with bamboo sticks and chrysanthemums for colour.

Chelvi used geometric shaped metal container using free style expression.

By Roopa
By Bhuvana

 Bhuvana and Rupa are new students  doing their first book, but both of them understood the theme and made a bold attempt at it, and it is worth congratulating them for their work.

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Anonymous said...

It is a pity Molly's work is missing.Ambika thank you for this workshop entry in the blog. Malathi.