Sunday, February 15, 2015

A fond farewell to Mr and Mrs Nakano

Feb 2nd 2015

Consul General Nakano and Mrs Nakano leave Chennai this month.

The Sogetsu Study Group hosted a farewell tea for them.  They have been appreciative and encouraging of our work in their four years in our city, and it is indeed sad that they have to leave so soon.

The tea was well attended and we all enjoyed chatting with Mr and Mrs Nakano about their experiences in India, practising Ikebana with local materials and the commonalities between Inda and Japan.

The farewell gift from the Study Group - a book titled India Then and Now

The Consul thanked us for our hospitality, and appreciated our efforts in popularising Ikebana in Chennai.  He mentioned that he was very impressed at how we managed to use local materials while so beautifully adhering to the art principles.

The Madras Club was a lovely setting for the gathering, and a group photo on the rear verandah completed the evening.

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Anonymous said...

Relived those moments! Thank you for the lovely photos and the excellent write up.Malathi.