Sunday, September 28, 2014

Working with combination vases

16th Sept 2014

Our September workshop featured sensei Meenakshi Sarin demonstrating with combination vases, followed by a workshop where the members also worked with combination vases.

Both her arrangements were with nagiere vases, though completely different in texture and style.

Her first arrangement was with a pair of glass vases.

Meenu filled the vases with formica strips from the carpenter working in her home, creating an interesting effect.  The strips also served as a fixture for the strelitzia and umbrella plant in the arrangement.

Her second arrangement was this beautiful pair, elegantly complemented  with the heliconia.  The graceful bamboo and the variegated dressina added depth to the creation.

It was a wonderful start to the workshop, and then it was time for the members to try their hands, and everyone worked with enthusiasm.

The vases were all different and there was a variety of material on display as well.

Ambika used a pair of nagiere glass vases, with one horizontal, to display the attractive mouth, shaped like the hosta lily leaves in the upper vase.

The jerberas and orchids added colour, depth and form to the composition.
 "I used two ornamental glass bottles, and the cicular cane was to highlight the wooden tray.  The greens are all local and the jerberas are the focal point", said Trishala.

"I used two plastic hexagons - Sogetsu containers, pink and olive green. Lines of umbrella plant, both straight and angled for the contrasting characteristics and complimented them with the flowing lines of Copsia leaves and buds, the pink to harmonise with the pink container. Both pink and green colours were used, for a small and simple effect." Malathi

Prerana said, "I used a brass Auroville moribana vase in combination with a nagiere ceramic brown.  Bamboo sticks were used with Subabul pods - green and dry along with Asia Lily.  Malathi sensei felt it had a glamorous look to it!"

Itsuko Sakamoto created a neat arrangement with the Sogetsu triangle vases in combination.

New students, Rupa and Chanchal created these two combination vase arrangements.

Nirmala created a dramatic effect with the two brass vases and strong bold lines.

Sensei Molly also had bold mitsumata lines in her bamboo containers, softened by the delicate antigonon vine.

"The materials I used are water plants - both the leaves and the delicate white flower stem grows in water.  The vases are cute pickle jars which went very with the bright pink Zerbras. I can call this a Minimalistic arrangement as I used the same plant material (the leaf and the stems) with few zerbras (for the color) on Pickle jars." Chitra

It was a colourful and exciting morning, and we all enjoyed it.

Next workshop is on Oct 15th, and the theme is working with Abstract compositions.


Anonymous said...

Better not use the dupatta as a backdrop. It did not do justice to the arrangements!! Otherwise a good demo and workshop. Malathi

Janaki Rao said...

Beutiful arrangements, all of them minimal but striking effect. Missed being there