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21st Augut 2014

We met for our August workshop at the ABK AOTS Dosokai centre.  Sensei Molly Cherian gave a demonstration on "The Colour Red" using a moribana and a nagiere vase.

Sensei worked wonderfully with materials found around us in Chennai. Gulmohar flowers used for the first time in our workshops.  Sensei Molly suggested that they should be cut early in the morning, given a good drink of water, and then they could be used.

What better way to explore "red" than with the Mayflower, which paints our cities red in the summer!
Sensei Molly's second demonstration in a nagiere vase

By Divya, who used large red jerberas dramatically.
By Sensei Meenakshi who had red circles in her dry material to complement the white vase and balance the anthuriums.
Zaitoon - the red anthurium against the white plate made for a lovely contrast.
Rupa worked with orchids
Chitra - the vase set the tone for a bold, dynamic arrangement with the red strelitzias looking like birds in a tropical forest!
Kalpana accentuated her red vase with a tall anthurium
Sensei Malathi used the gentler pinkish red anthuriums. 
The understated presence of the flowers a reflection of the artiste?!
Red everywhere!
Seethalakshmi created a riot of red, reflected in the vase, the flowers and the dry material.
The red jerberas were the focus of the basket composition by sensei Dalley.
Janaki's red vase is not very clear in this picture, but the white "cloud"
shows a hint of the red, as also the red carnations.
 Prerana experimented with different shades of red.
Thirteen members thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The next workshop will be at ABK once again on the 16th of September, 11am when Sensei Meenu demonstrates with combination vases.

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Anonymous said...

Why no one has commented? Please do so, as many views on the compositions is a good way to improve.The interpretation of red also is interesting to observe. Don't you agree the arrangements are quite good? Malathi.