Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September fruits

Sensei Meenu demonstrates morimono
18th Sept

Our 200th blog post and we celebrate with fruits, Sogetsu style.

We had a good turnout at the September workshop at ABK-AOTS Dosokai, but disappointingly, only a few of the participants tried their hand at arranging fruits the Ikebana way.

Sensei Meenu used pineapple for mass, and the apple indeed added colour to her fruit plate.

Sensei Meenu's arrangement
Sensei Molly's summer harvest, complemented with the periwinkle
Chitra experimented with using the pumpkin as a container
Janaki used banana flowers as her main lines
Apples in a row By Kalpana
A large contingent also attended and took part in the Delhi Sogetsu annual exhibition, and details will be up soon, where Chennai Study Group interpreted "Peace".

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