Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct workshop report

Janaki receiving her cerificate
We had an eventful meeting in October.  It was well attended by some seventeen members.  Venkatesh, a rare bird joined us from Mumbai.

We missed Pushkala who was unable to come.

Meenu sensei first gave a detailed description of the Delhi trip.  The exhibition was very impressive and our members had a wonderful trip, which was a bit rushed, but enjoyable indeed.  The pictures are up on Flickr via a link

Malathi sensei then gave away the student certificates to Janaki Trishala and Prerana.

We were introduced to the very talented Padma sensei, formally, as Malathi sensei proceeded with her methodical introduction of all members.  

Trishala gets her certificate

And Prerana too
We then had an interesting slideshow from our member Chitra on Lines and Colours in Interior Design.

There was an active discussion on how these principles apply to Ikebana as well.
The topic of Chitra's slideshow
Chitra explains the difference to mood that vertical lines and horizontal lines as also curves bring
Ambika then looked to demonstrate the same concepts through Ikebana.

Ambika's first arrangement with the backdrop of the presentation
The second arrangement to show colour and mass and how it can change a spacc. 
The first piece again
We then went off to have a nice lunch at Eden, filled with laughter and friendship, and where Meenu was missed, as she could not make it to the lunch.

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