Thursday, November 15, 2012

October, and a colourful demonstration by sensei Remani

5th October 2012

Sensei Remani visited us from Hyderabad, and gave us a lively, colourful and vibrant demonstration of her interpretation and creative expression, using local material mixed with flowers from our local Amethyst store!

She improvised with vases from Malathi sensei that she came and chose just on the morning of the demonstration, and her flair and confidence were admirable and a lesson for all of us.

She had come armed with only some dry material with her, from Hyderabad

She started with a dry material with lovely curves, which she used in a round moribana container.

See below for the final composition, a low horizontal arrangement emphasizing the curved lines of her material, contrasted with white and green.

She then made a bold, dramatic start with these large monstera leaves!

The final composition - showing the unusual surface of the Monstera, complimented by lilies.  The dry material is the aerial roots of the banyan tree!  The display of water gave the feeling of a lakeside scene.

She then used a dried root as a base/vase... create this composition, taking the colour up and away from the lines below.

A bold and stunning statement of colour, using the twin openings of this Sogetsu school ceramic vase, with the small orange flowers harmonising the rectangular composition.
In the black triangular vase she is inclined to bring out a horizontal design using reed, heliconia, gypsofilia and a vine, a
daring combination, but it does complete the horizontal effect most aptly!

Interpreting the Sogetsu vase which is flexible and can be twisted into any form.

Emphasising Lines in the tall vase and a combination of red anthuriams and the white vase.

All in all, a rewarding monring for all of us who watched, including the guests!  Thank you Remani sensei, and we do hope to see you again in Chennai soon!

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