Thursday, November 15, 2012

November workshop on 'The use of Line in ikebana'

Our chairperson Malathi sensei gave us a litle deomstration and talk on using line in Ikebana, with respect to the new Sogetsu school syllabus

The talk was well attended

The umbrella plant - Cyperus alternifolia -  was a perfect material for this theme, and sensei demonstrated using it as straight lines and bent into shapes, different ways and different interpretations.

Twin  rectangular vases with 4 "windows", was the base for the next set of experimentation.  Placed vertically, the same umbrella plant and gerberas was interpreted differently.
The same Sogetsu vases used horizontally and using all four openings.  This allowed the use of linear mass with Areca lutycens leaves,  and for colour effect gerberas to complete the simple composition
The ladies had come armed with Deepavali sweets and there was much laughter and eating as well!  Photos of arragements done by the other participants of the workshop will be put up soon.

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