Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September workshop - working with unusual containers

Our September workshop was on Sep 12th at the ABK-AOTS Dosokai hall, on Nelson Manickam Road, and the them was unusual containers.

It was very nice to see three new faces, students brought by Meenu, and we do hope to see them more often.

Malathi sensei started off proceedings by quickly showing us the use of the old, discarded woven cane pieces from her home chairs, and converting them into a lovely vase!
The cane used as vases

Molly used a gift bag

The completed arrangement by sensei Malathi

Members had brought various materials and containers to work with. 
Chitra brought her child's toy train, and see below for the full arrangement

Shobhaa brought an old pickle jar, and also used a plaiting technique for the green material, details of which can be seen below.

Nirmala worked with a copper kitchen vessel

Pushkala placed a whitecoral/shell on top of an ollock measure and created a striking linear arrangment that can be seen below.

Sitalakshmi used a ceramic tea-pot

Meenu used dried coconuts as her containers

By Jennifer, one of the guests

By Jayanthi, another of the guests

By Divya, also a guest

Ambika used a pair of cardboard packing boxes, after painting them.


Venkatesh said...

Wow!! What a fantastic arrangement by Malathi Sensei!! She always amazes us! Molly's work is cute! Sethas teapot is really good! Ambika your work is fabulous!! Meenu, absolutely unusual and gorgeous!! Pushkala I must say your arrangement looks stunning !! Shobhas arrangement is overall good !! Welcome guests!! Would love to have you all amongst us henceforth!! Where is Trishla, prerana, Ashoka, Chitra and Vaishali??? Will join you next workshop!!!

Randomramblings said...

Beautiful......interesting "vases"!!!

flowergirl said...

Venkatesh, Chitra is the train one! All others are absentees - including you!

Anonymous said...

Very satisfied indeed am I! The Study group is really becoming solid.Congratulations everybody.Will look forward to meeting all of you on October 10th at the same venue at 11am.The theme is 'Linear Mass' container of your choice.Malathi.

nimy said...

Good arrangements, It reminds of my arrangements during competition at Lalbagh, Bangalore. After long time iam able to see few arrangements.