Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Bangalore visit of the Study Group members

The flower shop!
Dear members, Meenakshi Sarin, Prerana Mehta, Shobhaa Ramji and I visited the Bangalore Sogetsu Chapter on the 15th of September and a
programme of interaction was organised.

Upon our arrival in Bangalore, All 4 of us
picked our flowers from a wholesale outlet on our way to Lal Bagh where we were to meet the Bangalore Chapter members.  I cannot convey to all of you the awe and joy at seeing the abundance of colourful flowers!  Not only were the buckets  full of colourful flowers, there were
bunches on the floor waiting to be placed and another van of flowers was waiting outside to unload. You can imagine what a variety we had to choose from as they were half the price we pay for them herein Chennai!

We did 4 free style arrangements.

Meenu, using the coconuts with umbrella plants  jerberas

Prerana wished her arrangement to be minimalistic and used dry bamboo
and jerberas,

Shobhaa used strong stems of heliconia with streletzia

I used my garden bamboo with chryanthemums.
There was a quiz on Sogetsu and Chennai fared very well. The Bangalore Chapter has invited us to participate in their formal function to be held on 17th December. This interaction was a different style from the New Delhi one and I am glad the few members have had to see both of them. Do talk to them to get more interesting detail.

 The Bangalore members used as festive theme in their arrangements.

 From the Bangalore chapter, the Director Mrs. Nirmala
Narayanmurthy did a festive theme 'Gokulastami' bringing out the
butter bowl,'srungara rasa' as musical notes and Krishna was in a
Founder Director Mrs. Saraswati used a morimono theme for

Past-Director Mrs.
Bhargavi  did 'Gowri-Ganesa' in a vase made of bangles using red and
yellow roses as a symbol of auspiciousness

She also did an 'ukibana' as 'girls
playing hop-skotch

There were three Variation 5 arrangements as that style came in handy to display festive season. On the whole there were 20 arrangements displayed. We really enjoyed these exhibits in the Jubilee Hall of Lalbagh.


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the pictures have come out well,sorry could not take all 20 of them.Ambika, thank you for this good entry.Malathi.