Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September workshop report!

The Urali displaying colourful symmetry

Hello all!

After the team went off to Delhi and returned excited, happy and with renewed creativity, things have been quiet around the Sogetsu Chennai team.

It was time for the September workshop to be hosted by Seethalakshmi, and what a treat it was! A gracious hostess with a lovely home, an innovative demonstration by Vaishali, gorgeous freestyle arrangements by others (except me!), and of course a super lunch!!

Unfortunately, (ok dont yell), I forgot my trusted digicam, and had to rely on my phone cam. From next time, will somebody remind me the previous day to take my camera please?! So, my apologies to Molly and Chitra. Their other arrangements I have not photographed.

As we entered Seetha's home, after negotiating the various "No Entry" and "No Right Turn" boards along the way, we immediately spied lovely granite vases as well as beautiful arrangements.

Another granite vase!

Yet another granite vase! Its beautiful colours complemented with this 7-material arrangement by Chitra
Then it was time for Vaishali to begin. Was she nervous? I dont think so, or if she was, she hid it well. It was IIT Zindabad, as the campus gave her unusual material, berries and vine.

Her first arrangement was a shallow, almost like a plate, ceramic vase, in which she used spider lily leaves, in a circular, horizontal fashion, to provide bold strokes moving laterally. balance was provided by an Asia Lily (yellow) going vertical. Unfortunately, I dont have a good picture of this, and so we have to wait for Seetha's pictures to reach me.

Then, Vaishali set to work on her steel containers, purchased at Delhi. The pedalanthus leaves had lovely flowing lines, and the jerberas provided the colour.

The pictures do not do justice to the arrangement - I should have placed them on a plain background, and then taken the picture. Sorry, Vaishali! Next time!

She finished with this innovative use of discarded "yelaneer"!! The holes in the coconut were used as receptacles for material, and it was a no-kenzan arrangement, with the white and green Anthuriums complementing the composition beautifully!

Gorgeous browns in Prerana's new vase
Molly had brought her mother's antique cake tin to experiment with. You can see her working on it, in the background of the picture below, though I do not have a picture of the arrangement itself.

That was most enjoyable Vaishali! Thank You.

Congratulations to Meenu on her teacher's certificate, and Shoba for getting her first degree!

And thank you Seetha for the fabulous lunch!! Mmmm...I am still dreaming of those potato chips!

Next workshop date set for Oct 12th. Be there, all!
And yours truly also better do some Ikebana next time!


Anonymous said...

Yes a very good get-together,the gracious hospitality of Sitalaksmi in her gorgeous home and the lovely lunch, thank you Sita. Chitra and Sita surprised me with their ikebana, it was really good! Vaishali, congrats, the demo was spontaneous and creative. Glad that Molly, Prerana and Trishla joined in with their good effort.Ambika,the write-up and photos were really nice to go through.Malathi.

Venkatesh said...

Nice write up. Thanks Flowergirl!! I missed the nice show and the even more the super lunch :) But there is always a next time.