Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lan Minagawa talks about Ikebana to Indian Express!

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The little arrangements of exotic flowers have a method and mentality behind it Ikebana is a form in which nature and humanity are brought on the same platform

THE Japanese art of flower arrangeC ment is catching up, with a lot of Chennaiites. Many women are learning this beautiful art form. This is not a simple flower arrangement in a vase, it's more about a form in which nature and humanity are brought on the same platform.
Shape and form are important while arranging the flowers to bring out the essence of the arrangement.

Stems and leaves are necessary to give the organic feel. "I didn't learn from a school, I learnt ikebana from books," says Lan Minagawa, the wife of the Japanese Consul General in Chennai. She shares that General in Chennai. She shares that she loves "Making ikebanas at home, when expecting guests."
Along with flowers from her garden, Lan gets her flowers from Amethyst as well. She prefers the Moribana form and uses kenzan or pin holders. "In the summer, my arrangements are such that the water used, can be seen. It gives a cooling effect," she says. Along with the flowers and stalks, water, pin holders and stones are required to make the ikebana.

Ikebana making classes: Sogetsu School-24914886, Ohara School of Ikebana -22266147

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Anonymous said...

It is really good that Mrs. Lan Minagawa has taken so much interest in this art, she must be really fond of the art, and her arrangements in her home are like those of an expert. I got so many phone calls after this feature in the Express paper.Hope she stays in Chennai for a long time. Malathi.