Saturday, August 9, 2008

A touch of floral grandeur

The Hindu : Property Plus Chennai : A touch of floral grandeur

Vivid roses arranged in various heights in German silver vase produce an aura of dominance while orchids accentuate the effect, writes Hema Vijay
Engrossing exercise: Ikebana arrangement is a great way to destress.

Getting your house ready for a formal occasion? Perhaps this is the kind of floral arrangement you can opt for. This tall and regal looking ikebana arrangement by Ikebana teacher Meenakshi Sarin exudes an impressive aura to the ambience.

The tall silver vase lends the arrangement the height effect. To contrast with the gleam of silver, Meenakshi has placed a tarnished flat German silver vase atop it. As the German silver vase is wide and flat, pin holders will not serve the purpose here. So, Meenakshi has gone in for Oasis sponges into which she has stuck the stems to hold them in place.

While the vivid roses arranged in various heights dominate the arrangement, the orchids accentuate the effect.

A trail of delicate limoneum branches at the back of the arrangement provides a subtle backdrop. Green fern branches hang out from the vase to complement the feathery limoneum branches and give the arrangement a fuller look.

The arrangement spans an impressive height of three feet. Kept in a cool place, and with regular trimming of the stalk and stem bases and if the water is changed regularly, the arrangement will stand fresh for a week.

“Thanks to ikebana, I have been able to turn my focus on the tiny but engrossing facets of nature like leaves, twigs and flowers.

It has been a great way to de-stress”, Meenakshi says. Well, didn’t someone say, God lies in detail?


Venkatesh said...

Nice review !!

flowergirl said...

The online version has been corrected - I think the press version had it as "distress" rather than de-stress, changing the meaning entirely!

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Hey do you hold regular classes or workshops?